A kitchen reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Selecting Your Ideal Kitchen Style

Your Kudos Kitchen can be as unique as you are with over 20 different kitchen styles to pick from, each offering a wide range of colors, finishes, storage options, and design options. Our ranges offer endless chances for you to truly customize your kitchen, setting them apart from the mass-produced items found in do-it-yourself stores. You don't need an innovative design to be "all style with no substance," as there should be ample storage and functionality to improve your space and daily life. Instead, it should look outstanding!

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There are six contemporary collections and nine classic collections in the broad Gallery line. The modern collections exude urban sophistication with industrial touches for contemporary lux, while sophisticated design brings the gallery's classic looks into the twenty-first century with subtle twists for timeless elegance.

After selecting a collection, you can select from a variety of finishes, such as up to 20 "painted to order" shades that range from subdued tones to striking hues, concrete or textured wood-grain finishes, and clear or smoked glass feature glazing. Choose handles and trims that complement or contrast with these, and use worktops, surfaces, and splashbacks to create new textures. Don't worry if all of these choices seem a little overwhelming; we're here to offer guidance, inspiration, and advice throughout the kitchen renovation process.

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The exquisitely designed Linear range, which combines minimalist style with functionality, is inspired by simplicity. The easy-to-maintain finish offers versatility in combining with various design elements, enabling it to accentuate classic elements in older homes or make a striking, contemporary impression in newly constructed spaces.

The Linear range offers five distinct kitchen collections, ranging from the matt painted "Avant" to the subtle gloss sheen of "Ice." The selection of colors and designs complements a variety of worktop options and textures to create a wide range of styles that look and feel as inviting as they do. Every taste and space can be perfectly styled with a linear design; let your imagination run wild and combine various hues, textures, and trims for an unparalleled look.



Yes, we can supply and install everything you need to create the perfect kitchen for your home and family, from integrated or free-standing appliances to cutting-edge gadgetry that makes those day-to-day tasks a little easier.

Absolutely! You can conceal all your necessities with clever design solutions such as larders and floor to ceiling storage. Everything you need, from hidden recycling solutions to pop up and flip sockets, can be within reach but cleverly hidden out of sight.

Of course we can. Our collections range in price from entry-level to luxury, so we can accommodate any kind of budget without sacrificing the calibre of our work. Every cabinet in the entire price range is made in Britain and is backed by a ten-year guarantee. Our kitchens can be customized to fit a variety of budgets, but if you'd rather keep expenses down and just want to make minor changes to the appearance of your kitchen, we also provide the option of replacement doors.


Kitchen Styles

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